1. Beginners

The easiest way to start is to join one of our Open Shoot sessions. You do not need to be a club member to book. If you are a complete beginner you may want to start with our Beginner’s Open Shoot (Sunday afternoons). To book the session in advance please use the online booking system. Once you have completed an Beginners course with us, you will be eligible to join Southfields Archery CLub as a member.


Day/Time Start Date Duration Cost (full/conc) Course Code
Sunday – All Levels – 14:00-15:45 ongoing Weekly £8 / £6
Sunday – Beginners – 16:00-17:30 ongoing Weekly £8 / £6
Monday – All Levels – 17:00-18:45 ongoing Weekly £8 / £6
Thursday – All Levels – 18:00-19:45 ongoing Weekly £8 / £6
Thursday – Advanced – 20:00-21:30 ongoing Weekly £8 / £6

2. Experienced Archers

Archers who have completed an ArcheryGB recognised beginners course at our club or at another club, intermediate archers and seasoned pros are all more than welcome to join our club. If we have not seen you shoot before, one of our coaches will need to confirm that you are of a sufficient level to be classed as at least a ‘novice’ before you can shoot with us at a regular session. Our membership year runs from September, and new joiners will be charged the membership fee on a pro rata basis. Please note that in addition to the club membership fee, you will need to become a member of ArcheryGB and pay the required fees – which will also enable you to enter competitions at a County, Regional or National level. We will be happy to make the ArcheryGB membership application on your behalf when you join the club.

3. Junior Archers (Under 18)

We welcome Junior Archers wishing to join our Club. Please note that those under 16 years of age will need to be accompanied by an adult at all times, until the Junior member, their parent / guardian and the Club are comfortable with any alternative arrangements that are agreed.

4. Disabled Archers

If you are disabled, we believe that the access into and around the venue, and the facilities in general, meet the appropriate standards, but we would of course welcome your input and suggestions in this regard.

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Email: info@southfields-archery.org.uk

Address: Aspire Centre,
337 Merton Road, London SW18 5JU