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Unfortunately we do not have the ability to coach you as yet at the Club and as such our insurances would not cover you (or indeed ourselves) as a new archer with no previous experience The Aspire Centre however, which is where we shoot, runs courses for varying levels of experience from ‘Beginners’ through ‘Intermediate’ to ‘Advance’. Their website here gives a link to their brochure for courses

2. Experienced and a member of ArcheryGB

Archery’s governing body / or an Affiliated body Our Club would welcome any ArcheryGB members and would, upon receipt of proof of membership, request only a Club membership fee of £60 per year or part thereof (renewable in September)

3. Experienced but not a member of ArcheryGB or an Affiliated body

Once again you would be welcome to join for the membership fee of £60 per year or part thereof (renewable in September) You may wish to also consider the additional payment necessary to become a member of ArcheryGB as you will not be permitted to shoot in any Competitions at a County, Regional or National level and may not be eligible to shoot at a discounted rate at other clubs if you are not an ArcheryGB member. You would also need to be assessed for competency by Rafal Radosz who will confirm that you are of a sufficient level to be classed as at least a ‘novice’

4. Junior (i.e. Under 18)

We would welcome any Juniors into our Club providing that they also fall into category 2 or 3 above. Under 16’s will also need to be accompanied by an adult until such time as the Junior, their parent / guardian and the Club are comfortable with the arrangements.

5. Disabled

If you are disabled we believe the access and facilities into and around the venue are acceptable but would welcome your input and suggestions.

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  Address: Aspire Centre, 337 Merton Road, London SW18 5JU